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Since 1984, Wolseley Industrial Plastics has built over 2,500 floating structures throughout the world. Applications range from public/commercial to private/residential use or to suit your specific needs. We can do this by using either one of Ferguson’s existing design layouts or by using a customer supplied layout. Our floats are built from high density polyethylene pipe, which is not only cost effective but one of the most durable products on the market, to help reduce your overall investment. For a list of references, email either chad.bancke@wolseleyind.com.

Because of our float design, we are capable of utilizing many different types and styles of decking material. Following is a partial list of the decking available:

  • Pressure Treated Lumber
  • Cedar - Western Red, Alaskan Yellow, & Clear
  • Composite Decking - Trex, or Choice Dek
  • Fiberglass - Molded or Pultruded
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum (ADA Approved)

Wolseley Industrial Plastics can preassemble your dock or float at our manufacturing facility in Washougal, WA. Our designs allow for easy on-site assembly of dock and float sections by utilizing rugged galvanized and stainless steel hardware. Our modular high density polyethylene float sections are lightweight yet extremely durable for easy transport and quick on-site installations.

Here are just a few of advantages of Polyethylene floats:

  • Rugged Heavy Wall
  • Prohibits Biological Growth
  • Corrosion-Free
  • Fully Heat Fused Connections
  • Flexible
  • Good to 180° Below Zero
  • UV Resistant
  • Will Not Rot or Rust