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High Density Polyethylene Pontoon Specifications

HDPE pontoons to be made from foam filled, PE 3408 High Density Polyethylene Pipe, with full surface heat fused end caps. Each pontoon to have HDPE blocks, full surface heat fused to pontoon for mounting decking beams as required. All HDPE to HDPE welds to be full penetration heat fusion welds. Extrusion welds will not be excepted as full penetration welds. All Polyethylene to be U.V. stabilized with, at least, 2% carbon black.


(A) HDPE pipe to comply to ASTM F-714, ASTM D-3350, cell class PE345464C, P.E. 3408 DR-32.5 High Density Polyethylene.

(B) Flat stock for end caps, mounting tabs, and flanges: ASTM D-3350-93 class 345464C, Poly-Hi industries pipe grade or approved equal.

Foam Floatation Logs:
Insulfoam, type 1 closed-cell expanded polystyrene foam log conforming to ASTM C578 or approved equal to fit as tight as possible without damage to foam.

Fusion Operator Requirements:
All fusion operators must have current certification of Federal Code Title #49, section 192.283, 192.285 and 192.287. All fusion operators must be familiar with full surface butt fusion of Polyethylene pipe using heater plates and other methods of full surface fusion of Polyethylene. Extrusion welding will not be allowed except in area's of gussets or sockets where full surface fusion is not possible. All fusion operators must be currently certified and have a minimum of five years experience of fabricating and fusing pontoon floating projects with at least five float projects in the past year.

General Construction:
HDPE end caps to be machine fabricated from flat stock and butt fused to pipe using full surface heater plates. HDPE mounting tabs to be machine fabricated to ensure a tight fit to pipe wall radius and full surface heat fused. All fusion to be performed by certified personnel. Foam logs to be sized to fill pipe as much as practical.

Decking Surface Choices

  1. Composite Low Maintenance Decking
  2. Fiberglass Molded or Pultruded
  3. Aluminum (ADA Approved)
  4. Galvanized Steel
  5. Clear Cedar
  6. Pressure Treated Lumber

Beam Frame

  1. 4"x6" or 6"x6"' Cross Beams- Pressure Treated Lumber or Cedar
  2. Galvanized steel brackets supports all cross beams
  3. Steel Channel I-Beams
  4. Fiberglass Structural Type Beams


  1. Galvanized steel brackets support all major joints
  2. 2½"x5" ½" galvanized steel angel brackets connect all beams to fascia
  3. 5"x10"x10" galvanized steel corner brackets connect to all corners
  4. All bolts galvanized – minimum ½” diameter
  5. All bolts attached with flat washers, lock washers and lock nuts

Flotation – HDPE Foam Filled

  1. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)