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Custom Pile Hoop

Custom Pile Hoop — for extreme conditions

All hardware shown is standard shape and size. The standard hardware is made from galvanized steel, and also is available in stainless steel. Custom corner brackets are also available to fit any unique applications. Other accessories that are available: Dock Ladders, Pile Hoops, Dock Bumpers, Anchore Kits, Galvanized or Stainless Steel Chains and many other dock accessories.

line drawing of T Connectors

Comerical Grade Male and Female T Connectors—has ½" tab(s). Use to attach fingers and ramps.

line drawing of outside corners

Commercial Grade Outside and Inside Corners—Heavy duty corners used at ends of fingers and docks.

line drawing of angle suport beams

Heavy duty angle support for all cross beams

line drawing of Outside corner

Comerical Grade Outside Corner Male and Female—½" Tab(s) used to connect docks end to end.